Braile Biomedica

Braile Biomédica was founded in 1977 by the cardiovascular surgeon Prof. Dr. Domingo Braile and it is located in São José do Rio Preto, in the state of São Paulo. With the status of a research company and the promotion of national technology, Braile Biomédica is a center of excellence in the Brazilian medical industry.
It was built due the need to enable heart surgery for the entire population, the company began its activities with the development and production of cardiac biological valves and bovine pericardial grafts, considered pioneering products in Brazil and one of the pillars that made Brazil one of the number one countries in the heart surgeries ranking. With the creation of Braile Biomédica, it was possible to level the prices of the market and of the multinational competitors.

Complete list of cardiovascular Braile Biomedical Products